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Grace is an independent recruitment agency specialising in HR and business support. We’ve seen human resources transform over the last twenty-plus years. It now, rightly, has a place at the table with Chief People Officer one of the fastest growing jobs in the UK. We want to use our recruitment experience in this sector to support businesses recruiting for people roles and candidates looking for roles within this fast-paced industry.  

As a team, we don’t take ourselves too seriously (just watch any of our videos to see for yourself!) but we certainly take our work seriously. Whether you’re looking for a new job, or you’re an employer who needs to fill a role, you can count on us. 


Your job search is stressing you out. We get it! Let us take the strain and find your ideal permanent or temporary role. 


Quality over quantity, that’s how we work. We’ll use our 20+ years of experience to find the candidates who’ll bring the most value. 


Learning & development


Talent acquisition


About us

We’re not like other recruiters. But they all say that, don’t they? Find out about us, our approach and how we’re different from your average high street recruiter.  

Are your interview techniques up to date?

Interview techniques keep changing to match hiring trends. What used to be the perfect candidate a decade ago might not be the best fit today. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out as a hiring manager, your job is to find the right person.

We get it, it’s not an easy task! To help you out, we’ve put together a guide that spills the beans on how to beat the most common hiring roadblock: cognitive bias.


Blogs, guides, CV writing tips, you can find it all on our resources page. Best of all? It’s all free, so come and fill your boots. 

How has the role of HR changed since the pandemic?

“You must work from home!”

Yeah, alright Boris, we’ll change our entire work model overnight 🙄

But we did it, didn’t we?!

We haven’t quite settled on what is the ‘new normal’ as what some businesses leaders want clashes with what employees have come to expect but there’s no doubt the world of work has changed forever.

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What our community have to say

Aimee Collyer
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I hadn’t had to look for a new role in 9 years, I didn’t know where to start, felt like I was going round in circles and felt it quite overwhelming.

Lauren got in touch and from start to finish she found me a position in which I was successful in, within 5 working days - WOW. Lauren isn’t like other recruiters I have had experience with, she isn’t pushy, she isn’t in your face and demanding.

She cares about you, she gets to know you, has your best interests at heart and understands how important it is to get the right role for you, rather than just ticking a box. Thank you Lauren for all of your help and making this such a nice experience, I would recommend Grace to any of my friends and family!
Elise Salisbury
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Absolutely amazing service! From the beginning I was put with a lady called Justine who really took the time to understand me and what I was looking for. My very first temp role went so well, I'm actually becoming permanent.

Justine would always make sure I was doing ok, would help with any queries, and made my transition from temp to perm as smooth as possible. Absolute 5 star service all the way through, then topped it off at the end with a card sent to my house congratulating me on the job! Could not recommend enough, they really put in the extra mile! Massive thank you to Justine for everything!!
Agnieszka Matuszewska
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I would like to say a big thank you to Hollie!

She is been amazing and super helpful! She is been very proactive and amazed me that she remembered me when she got a new Opportunity for me. She made me feel well looked after.

I have to say that it's one of the best experiences I've had with this agency. And will recommend it to others!

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