Hunts Office


Kirsty Allen, People and Operations Manager

Hunts Office –

Office furniture and workspace design company based in Buckinghamshire.



Kirsty has had a ten-year relationship with Grace, both as a client and a candidate, so when she started at Hunts Office, it was natural that she got in touch with our Managing Director, Lauren Hopkins, to let her know. And a few weeks later when Hunts were ready to expand the team Kirsty was back on the phone to see if Grace could help.

Lauren visited the Hunts Office HQ to meet the team and understand the company. She had a tour of the office with Kirsty and met several members of the wider team, as well as the CEO.  The visit to the warehouse and showroom also allowed Lauren to get a good understanding of the products that Hunts Office sell and the operation itself.


What we did

Kirsty tasked us with finding a new sales executive. We advertised the role on LinkedIn and received 23 applications. After screening them, Lauren sent two CVs. Both were interviewed and one got the job.

While the Sales Executive role was still in progress, we were asked to find an Account Coordinator. Having received 27 applications through LinkedIn, Lauren hadn’t found the right candidate, so she proactively headhunted one person who got the job just two weeks later.


The Grace approach

Lauren spent three hours with the client. She was able to build up a picture of the company, meet the team the candidates would be working with and learn more about the team members. This helped her gauge how any potential candidates would fit in.

We like to be able to give as much information to candidates as possible about who they would be working with. Our focus is on finding the right person the first time. We carefully screen candidates, not only for their qualifications but for their personality as well as cultural fit.

Grace successfully placed candidates for each of the roles we were tasked with recruiting for all within a matter of weeks.

Once the candidates had accepted the roles offered, Lauren spoke to them on a weekly basis to make sure they had everything they needed, were happy with the contract, had a start time and all the information they needed for their induction. Lauren also spoke to each placed candidate on their first day to wish them luck. We also sent a congratulations card and caught up after their first week to see how they were getting on.

Hunts also worked hard to give a good onboarding experience and took their new employees out for lunch on their first day.


Kirsty said-

“What has always been important for me when working with a recruiter is that they become an extended part of our team, our business.  Lauren and the team at Grace, take the time to listen and ask some thought provoking questions throughout the recruitment process. Their expertise and current understanding of the local markets is crucial when I am setting expectations with the recruiting manager.

Our communication channels are varied which works for my style of working and unlike other agencies they are never pushy, I don’t ever feel I need to hide from a call from Grace!”


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