1. What do you like the most about working for Grace Personnel?

No two days are the same. I love being able to either kick start someone’s career, or help someone to move to a new role – supporting them and of course working with some great clients! Recruitment is challenging but ever-changing.

2. In your opinion, what is the most important skill required for your role?

Listening – truly understanding your client’s/candidate’s needs are a must in this line of work – it saves you time and helps you to make successful placements.

3. How did you get into recruitment?

I fell into it – I’d always had an interest in HR/Recruitment, I started temping for Grace back in 2010 and was asked to join as a Consultant.

4. What is your pet peeve within recruitment?

People that let you down – believe me over the years I’ve heard every excuse possible, I just wish I’d kept a list of them all!

5. In your opinion what makes a good candidate?

Someone who is honest, committed to working hard with you to find a new role and who responds quickly.

6. How long have you been with Grace Personnel?

8.5 years – time has flown by!

7. Where’s your favourite place you’ve visited?

Too many…. The Lakes (got engaged there), The Maldives (honeymoon), Hong Kong & Thailand.

8. What pets did you have growing up?

Cats….I’m also allergic to them but love them!

9. Are you superstitious? In what ways?

100% yes, this definitely stems from my late Nan. I’m also a big believer in karma….what goes around comes around is one of my favourite sayings!

10. What is one of you favourite smells?

Pre-pregnancy – it would be coffee, right now I can’t drink or smell it! So I’d have to say Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel…

11. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Always try to better yourself but always remember where you came from (My Mum’s advice!).

12. Is there any item you collect?

Perfume, make up & handbags!

13. What language, besides your native, would you like to be fluent in?

Italian – I am actually half Italian and studied up to GCSE level but stopped… something I’ve always regretted not completing!


Fruit or Vegetables – Fruit

Summer or Winter – Summer

Facebook or Instagram – Instagram

"My thoughts on Grace Personnel... professional, determined, caters to the demands of the business, a company that thoroughly vet candidates before sending to interviews, finally.....feedback from candidates to me have expressed that they also enjoy working with Grace, appreciating their personal touch and not being treated as just a number. Other agencies can learn from them. Having worked with Grace over the last few years, the experience has been nothing but remarkable and are always my first port of call when I have a vacancy. It’s down to your hard work and determination, a very big thank you for your support over the last few years. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the team going forward!"

Suresh, Finance Supervisor, Logistics & Trading