Thames Valley Business Confidence Report 2022

In response to our 2022 Business Confidence Survey…


Focusing on the Thames Valley area, the survey was released to:

🔸 understand the mindsets of business owners right now

🔸 dive into both the positive and negative impacts on businesses over the last 2 years

🔸 foresee what the next 12 months look like


With talk of the cost of living crisis and a potential looming recession, conversations within fellow business owners have naturally been waining in heavy optimism.

Business strategists have started to target their content towards being prepared for what’s to come. With that said, we were expecting survey findings full of plans for mass redundancies and team restructures so it’s safe to say the results were, admittedly, surprising.

Business owners have admitted that although one of the biggest impacts on their business has been the rising cost of overheads, they are prepared to pay their staff higher salaries to accommodate for factors such as increased fuel and travel costs.



So, for the time being, businesses are committed to their current team and focusing efforts on internal development and skills shortage identification.

That just gives you a taster. What to read more and see how you compare to other businesses in the area?

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