Why culture is crucial in small businesses

We believe that celebrating each other’s achievements, supporting one another and having a close connection is what makes working in a small business so special. Our MD Lauren recently shared a video on this topic, and it got us thinking:

How do small businesses create a culture that they can be proud of?

When you work in a small team, having a positive working culture can make a huge difference not only to overall productivity, but also to everyone’s general wellbeing and happiness.

At Grace, there are a few different areas that we focus on to ensure a positive, fun and creative working environment for our team.

  1. Positive employee journeys

Your employee journeys are just as important as your customer ones. Putting focus on this process can make a huge difference to the way your staff feel on a day-to-day basis. Whilst recruitment and onboarding are important, your employee’s journey doesn’t end there. You also need to make sure that person knows their role within the company, where they can influence and show off their skills, and how they are expected to develop and grow.

  1. Business agility

When you run or work in a small business, it’s all the more important to be able to grow and adapt quickly to suit the changing needs of your customers. Giving all of our employees the opportunity to be involved with business decisions lets them know that their opinions and ideas matter, and helps to create a more collaborative and supportive working culture.

  1. A personalised approach to business

One of the main things that we instil in our workforce is the importance of being friendly. We don’t just want to be a faceless corporation, we want to get to know our customers and answer all their needs during the recruitment process. Our team aren’t just recruitment consultants, they become more like your best friend – helping you through the journey to finding a new job and being your biggest cheerleader throughout. We find this approach not only provides better outcomes for our customers, but also a much nicer work environment for us, too.

  1. Shared needs, wants and goals

If everyone in your company has a different agenda, you’re setting yourselves up to fail. At Grace, our business goals are also our personal goals, with each team member having a full understanding of the role that they play in making them a reality.

  1. Celebrating our wins as a team

When anyone in our team is successful, it’s a win for all of us! We always take the time to celebrate each and every achievement and acknowledge the individuals who helped us to get there.

  1. Putting culture above financials

Don’t get us wrong, revenue is obviously important when it comes to running a successful business, but it’s not everything. Without a supportive and energised team behind you, you’re going nowhere. Creating a firm base of happy and empowered people is the number one target for our company, and something we encourage for other small businesses as well.

We absolutely love being a small team and firmly believe that it gives us a power that many other recruitment agencies lack. If you want to find out more about our company and how we work, get in touch today!