Hunts Office

Client Kirsty Allen, People and Operations Manager Hunts Office – Office furniture and workspace design company based in Buckinghamshire.   Background Kirsty has had a ten-year relationship with Grace, both as a client and a candidate, so when she started at Hunts Office, it was natural that she got in touch with our Managing […]

Thames Valley Business Confidence Report 2022

In response to our 2022 Business Confidence Survey…   Focusing on the Thames Valley area, the survey was released to: 🔸 understand the mindsets of business owners right now 🔸 dive into both the positive and negative impacts on businesses over the last 2 years 🔸 foresee what the next 12 months look like   […]

Gender biased language: what is it, and how am I doing it?

Writing a job description and advertisement sounds straight forward, right?   You make sure all required and essential information is clear and concise. You include responsibilities, essential and desired skills, and a little bit about the company culture.  To stand out, maybe you have a unique format you prefer.  Simple!   You submit to your preferred job board […]

How to Overcome the Recruitment Challenges in Berkshire

Chapters The lay of the land Location Diversity Timing Understanding candidate motivation New recruitment strategies   As a hiring manager, you might be staring down the barrel of a brand-new landscape for the recruitment sphere and wondering… “What on earth are we doing?” We’ve always been an everchanging industry, but with the world two years […]

Should you be yourself at work?

Do you have a work persona? Are you sometimes worried about letting the ‘real you’ out in the professional environment? This is a topic that everyone seems to have a different opinion on, including our MD Lauren who recently discussed the culture here at Grace and how encouraging everyone to be themselves has helped contribute […]

Getting out of your comfort zone

We’re faced with decisions every single day. Whether it’s something simple like having yoghurt or toast for breakfast, or life changing choices about our careers; these decisions, big and small, shape our future. Let’s be honest, we all like being comfortable. Whilst many of us have huge ambitions in our careers and lives in general, […]

Why culture is crucial in small businesses

We believe that celebrating each other’s achievements, supporting one another and having a close connection is what makes working in a small business so special. Our MD Lauren recently shared a video on this topic, and it got us thinking: How do small businesses create a culture that they can be proud of? When you […]

Employee burnout and how to beat it

Job burnout is becoming a hot topic lately. People continue to work longer hours and take fewer sick days – all while apart from their colleagues. But what is burnout and how does it present itself in the workplace?  The World Health Organisation defines burnout as ‘a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress […]

How to manage employee wellbeing in a small business

The pressure that comes with running a small business can really impact on the health and wellbeing of teams, yet many business owners feel they lack the time, budget, and knowledge to invest in staff wellbeing initiatives.  Promoting health and wellbeing at work not only helps to improve individual health and quality of working life, […]

The best podcasts to boost your career

Whether you’ve recently left education and are looking for your first role, you’re looking to take your career to the next level or you’re a leader with decades of experience – there’s a podcast suitable for you to help you get ahead! Heather Yamada-Hosley published an excellent post entitled The Best Podcasts to Boost your […]

The Benefits Of Bringing In Temporary Workers

“Help!” you shout on the phone to a local staffing agency.  “We’ve hit our busy season and need more bodies here. Fast.” Bringing in a temporary worker (a “temp”) may be the right solution for you.  They can fill a gap quickly and there’s no long-term commitment involved. Temporary Staff Versus Contract Workers There may […]

How Brexit Is Impacting Your Hiring Strategy

With just under a year to go until Brexit, 96% of HR professionals and recruiters say that Brexit is already having an impact on their hiring strategies. Almost 50% of which envision a ‘big’ or ‘huge’ impact is still coming. This new research comes from the first of LinkedIn’s quarterly Recruiter Sentiment Survey, which will […]

Feedback to Candidates

How to Give Honest Feedback to Candidates Job-seekers are routinely advised to seek feedback when they are not successful in securing a role for which they have interviewed.  Feedback is the communication to an applicant who has been unsuccessful in securing an offer of employment for which they have applied, with information about the reasons they […]

Interview Preparation

Social Media Clean Up: Delete your own questionable posts and pictures Choose a professional profile picture Don’t talk about work on social media Update your information on Facebook Update your LinkedIn Keep your Twitter feed interesting Interview Do’s & Don’ts Arrive on time, plan your route. Don’t be late Select a suitable outfit, no casual […]

7 Facts Recruiters Look for In Your CV

Most business decisions are based on hard cold facts, and hiring decisions are no different. If an organisation is going to invest time and money into employing you; they will need to see evidence that you can perform. By now we all know that clichés and buzzwords do nothing to impress recruiters, but many candidates […]